The Stamford Rites of Passage program assists students in learning about the significance of African and African-American heritage, to build academic confidence and close the achievement gap. 

Young people who go through this program form a healthier attitude to educational attainment and, consequently, are empowered to reach their full potential.

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Rodney Bass

Community Liaison and Founder


Kim Langenmayr

Travel and Safety Coordinator  


Sharon Wade

Communications Coordinator


Rites of Passage 11 Years of providing an educational experience of a lifetime!


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Sharon Wade, Communications Coordinator at

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The Rites of Passage Program is a Stamford Connecticut Public Middle School District supported program, designed to assist primarily, but not exclusively African-American students in accurately learning about and integrating the significance of their African and American heritages.


The coursework requires a fourteen-week literature review of African and African-American history replete with guest speakers and instructors, mandatory readings, journal writing, Power Point presentations, and a CMT/Cap style final exam.  The academic portion of the program culminates with a journey to West Africa.  We are excited to report that over the past five years, over one hundred students, parents and teachers have participated in an educational trip to Africa visiting Senegal, the Gambia, Ghana and Egypt. 


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